Narindra Andrisoamampianina

Position title: Lab Manager


Phone: (608) 263-5876

501 Waisman Center

B.A., 2023, Lafayette College (Psychology/Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies) 

Pronouns: She/her/hers 

Hi there! Languages have been a fascination of mine for a long time. This is because I speak four of them: Malagasy (my mother tongue), French (my second language), English (my third language), and Spanish (my fourth language). When I was in college, I became interested in learning more about the mechanisms behind how infants and toddlers acquire their first language(s) and how they use that knowledge to interact with their care givers and construe the world around them. Through my position in this lab, I hope to accrue more research management skills and experience to pursue graduate level work in developmental and linguistic psychology in the future. When I am not working at the lab, I love listening to music, trying new food, and watching movies.